UNGEI launches #YouthTalks

May 11, 2015


UNGEI is determined and committed to accelerate action on girls’ education and gender equality. By revitalizing broad social mobilization and high-level political action, we are working with our partners to ensure that every girl, as well as every boy, goes to school. A key part of the advocacy work we do is feature the latest global stories on this blog from academics, development professionals, and every day citizens who share the goal of education for all, and are taking action.

Both girls and boys show us constantly how they are capable and willing to tell their own stories. They are eager to share their motivations for championing gender equality and their right to education, and engage with the policy makers of their communities. Youth voices everywhere are demanding to have a seat at the table and be heard.

It is in this spirit that we are pleased to launch UNGEI #YouthTalks, an engaging new blog series that features the voices of young people from all over the world. Here you will meet youth in their everyday lives who are actively advocating for girls’ education, attempting to bring change to their communities, or just being members of their unique youth culture observing the world around them. The blog posts are told in their own words via interviews by award-winning writer Caia Hagel, and hope to ignite a growing youth movement that encourages debate and action on these important issues. Caia is an innovative media maker who believes strongly in girls’ rights and education. She is co-author of +Girl Positive+ a book on girl culture and politics that will be published by Random House next year.

Watch this space for our inspiring pieces!

Blog one: UNGEI #YouthTalks meets Anthony Ssembatya

Blog two: UNGEI #YouthTalks meets Zeitun Tifow

Blog three: UNGEI #YouthTalks meets Thinzar Shunlei Yi

Blog four: UNGEI #YouthTalks meets Anena Mary

Blog five: UNGEI #YouthTalks meets Muhammad Usman Ali

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