UNGEI Fund reveals valuable evidence on girls’ education and gender equality

September 9, 2016

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From 2014 -2016 the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI), in partnership with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), launched the UNGEI Fund for Documentation of Good Practice in Girls’ Education and Gender Equality.

The UNGEI Fund provided technical assistance and small grants to 17 organizations and local governments across the globe for the collection and identification of good practice examples in girls’ education. The result of this two-year project was the generation of a rich pool of evidence and materials – including case studies, synthesis report and a documentation guidance note.

Project Highlights

The 17 case studies highlighted under the project found many different and creative ways in which girls’ education can be promoted. Overall, the case studies demonstrated that even small-scale programmes aimed at changing attitudes towards girls and women in the context of education, can contribute to gender equality in the wider society.

Most importantly, the case studies found that girls were enabled to aspire to professional and personal opportunities beyond school when programs engaged the boys and the community, fostered changes in attitudes and behaviors towards girls, and focused on increasing girls’ agency and self-confidence.

Find out more 

To ensure these valuable project findings are shared with sector wide practitioners, researchers and donors a website has been established to centrally host materials. To view case studies and find out more about the project visit www.goodpracticefund.org

Take part in the conversation

Over the next month UNGEI will be hosting project partner blogs and a twitter chat on achievements and lessons learnt on documenting good practice in girls’ education. To receive blog updates or to share #goodpractice resources, you can follow us on our Twitter account @UNGEI. You can also find updates on our facebook page, or by visiting our website.


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