#STEMtheGap : Dismantling gender bias to advance women and girls in STEM

May 10, 2017


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education builds 21st century competencies including critical thinking, innovation, problem solving, and collaboration. It is vital for preparing youth with the skills and know-how to participate in the future labor market, and to address global challenges through the use of STEM. As the current global education agenda urges boosted access to STEM education, persistent gender-biases in the classroom, community and workforce continues to impede the participation of women and girls in these fields.

To celebrate and support the journeys of women and girls in STEM, UNGEI presents #STEMtheGap. Launching May 10 – 30th, this multimedia series will feature op-eds, podcasts, and interviews from female leaders and change-makers in the field of STEM.

The #STEMtheGap series highlights a diverse collective of contributors from a wide-range of experiences and perspectives, including a NASA engineer, an astrophysicist, students, coders, programmers and a science cartoonist!

Stay tuned to UNGEI’s twitter and facebook every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the campaign for the latest #STEMtheGap updates.


Alexis Stergakis (@lexistergakis) is the Advocacy and Communications Lead Consultant for the Secretariat for the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI).

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