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December 9, 2015
#16Days – Empowering the Entire Community to End School-related GBV

As the 16 Days of Activism draw to a close, this blog space has shared many valuable lessons and recommendations from the actors – civil society organizations, educational and government institutions, donors, and researchers – who will have much to …View More  > 

December 8, 2015
#16Days – Learning Amidst Hardships: Teenage Pregnancy and Schooling in Sierra Leone

With one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in the world, being a girl in Sierra Leone brings with it enormous challenges and risks. According to the 2013, DHS up to 28% of girls aged 15-18 years had been …View More  > 

December 7, 2015
#16Days – Preventing gender-based violence in schools in Asia-Pacific

Key points: – Education has a pivotal role in preventing and eliminating gender-based violence and in fostering gender and social norms that promote equality, respect, peace and social cohesion. – The East Asia and Pacific United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative …View More  > 

December 6, 2015
#16Days – Violence at home, violence at school: New analysis finds the effects multiply for children

We have long known that children who witness violence at school are more likely to use violence later as adults (for men), and to be victims of intimate partner violence (for women). This holds true for those who experience violence …View More  > 

December 5, 2015
#16Days – Linking Communities and Governments to End SRGBV. The Role of the CSO

- CSOs provide a link between policy developers and community actions – With a collaborative blend of programmes, advocacy and research, organizations such as Plan International are able to achieve transformative change in the lived realities of girls – SRGBV …View More  > 

December 4, 2015
#16Days – Learning more than just studies or Learning to be (non) violent : A focus on recognizing and addressing gender based violence in schools

…. when the teachers are angry, they scold us and pull our hair. Sometimes teachers touch our body. They beat on our back, although not badly. They don’t touch sensitive parts as we sit at the corner…(but) they pull the …View More  > 

December 4, 2015
#16Days – What the evidence says we’re getting wrong on school violence

Call to Action to researchers #10: “Conduct wide-ranging research to contribute to a strong evidence base and address the gaps in knowledge on the drivers, risks and cultural contexts of SRGBV, including children marginalized by poverty, ethnicity, language, caste, disability, …View More  > 

December 3, 2015
#16Days – For Young Girls in Malawi, Putting School Ahead of the Wedding Altar

In April, President Peter Mutharika of Malawi signed into law the Marriage, Divorce and Family Relations Act of 2015. Among its provisions was the outlawing of child marriage, and the establishment for the first time of the age of 18 …View More  > 

December 2, 2015
#16Days – The Road to Equitable, Violence-free Quality Education is paved with…Gender-Sensitive Teaching

There is ample evidence to show that second only to students’ own efforts, teachers are the most important school-based factor for ensuring successful student learning. The right to education, therefore, can only be enjoyed by every child if teachers receive …View More  > 

December 1, 2015
#16Days – What we teach matters: improving educational content and curricula

This blog post will highlight 1) the importance of a curriculum that is gender-sensitive or gender-aware, 2) gendered assumptions about curricula that are harmful to women, and 3) an example of a curriculum challenging oppressive social norms. Recently, Michelle Obama …View More  > 

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