Menstruation and Sanitation in Schools – it matters!

October 31, 2016

3-infographic-toilet 2

Infographic by her turn. You can find more infographics and resources on MHM in school and upcoming world Toilet Day events via the Water Aid website.


For too many girls periods mean missing school days: 86% of girls in Garissa, Kenya, report missing school during menstruation. In India 23% of girls drop out.

To continue education after they start menstruating, girls and young women need girl friendly toilets in schools: safe, private, hygienic, and separate. They need access to affordable menstrual materials and menstruation hygiene awareness.

This infographic demonstrates why menstruation and sanitation in schools matters. Because periods shouldn’t keep girls out of school, point period.

For more on menstruation and girls’ education, read our latest blog here!

One Response to Menstruation and Sanitation in Schools – it matters!

  1. Sudhir Sajwan says:

    Very true. We should take hard steps in this direction.

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