April 25, 2013
ICT for Girls, Women in Technology and a Dialogue at the European Union

This blog post originally appeared on Cisco’s blog site on 25 April 2013. By Monique Morrow, Distinguished Consulting Engineer, Cisco Systems April 25 2013 is a super day for girls and women in technology and Cisco was very present! I am …View More  > 

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This Global Partners’ Working Group which UNGEI is a part of is working to end school-related gender-based violence http://t.co/OBw1ZvYges 9:00 PM Nov 25th
UNGEI and partners are proud to host this page on SRGBV as we mark Int'l Day to END Violence against Women http://t.co/OBw1ZvYges 7:30 PM Nov 25th
End Violence against Women NOW. This new infographic has more on school-related gender-based violence. Read and share http://t.co/UshvXWXmv6 4:30 PM Nov 25th
Join the consultation on how to monitor #post2015 #education targets: http://t.co/Lt0NWDMX7u #Education2015 8:30 PM Nov 24th
New #education indicators #post2015 must be globally comparable - but what else? http://t.co/Lt0NWDMX7u #Education2015 4:02 PM Nov 24th