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October 11, 2017
From Crisis to Empowerment: Promising Approaches & Policy Directions for Girls’ Education in Conflict-affected Contexts

Submitted by Emilie Rees-Smith – Gender, Education and Conflict Specialist at the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative. This blog post highlights the launch of the UN Girls’ Education Initiative policy note ‘Addressing Threats to Girls Education in Conflict-affected Contexts’ on the occasion of …View More  > 

September 5, 2017
A rights-based approach to gender responsive public schools

Submitted by David Archer, Head of Programme Development for ActionAid International.   In recent decades some good progress has been made in improving gender parity in primary education around the world – but superficial gains hide some shocking truths. In low …View More  > 

May 1, 2017
Changing the face of STEM from Latin America to NASA – featuring Sandra Cauffman

This podcast interview with  Sandra Cauffman – Deputy Director of Earth Sciences at NASA,  is part of the UN Girls’ Education Initiative’s #STEMtheGap series, promoting and profiling women and girls in STEM globally.   Sandra Cauffman holds a 29 year career with NASA …View More  > 

May 12, 2017
Coding for Change: Mentoring Afghanistan’s tech girls

Submitted by Nahid Ahmadi, Mentor at Code to Inspire  – an organisation which uses technology education and outreach to provide Afghan women with leverage in their fight for social, political, and economic equality. This blog is part of the UN Girls’ …View More  > 

May 10, 2017
#STEMtheGap : Dismantling gender bias to advance women and girls in STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education builds 21st century competencies including critical thinking, innovation, problem solving, and collaboration. It is vital for preparing youth with the skills and know-how to participate in the future labor market, and to address …View More  > 

December 16, 2016
#SeePossibility: Five factors for building inclusive education for girls

 This blog is part of UNGEI’s week long blog series titled #SeePossibilty which  focuses on inclusive education.    Looking back over this week’s #SeePossibility campaign, five issues jump out as key to making inclusive education a reality, especially for girls with …View More  > 

December 15, 2016
Breaking down barriers to inclusive education in Lesotho

Nkhasi Sefuthi is the Executive Director of the Lesotho National Federation of Organisations of the Disabled. This blog is part of UNGEI’s week long blog series titled #SeePossibilty which  focuses on inclusive education.  Girls with disabilities experience serious inequalities in terms of access to inclusive …View More  > 

December 14, 2016
Costing Equity – How investing in inclusive education enables girls to succeed

    Nafisa Baboo is a Senior Inclusive Education Advisor for Light For The World. This blog is part of UNGEI’s week long blog series titled #SeePossibilty which  focuses on inclusive education.      Great strides have been made in raising awareness and …View More  > 

December 13, 2016
Inclusive education is reuniting families in Moldova

Submitted by Nancy Maguire, Child and Youth Participation Coordinator at Lumos. This blog is part of UNGEI’s week long blog series titled #SeePossibilty which  focuses on inclusive education.    For children with (and without) disabilities school is about far more than getting …View More  > 

December 12, 2016
The right to education for girls with disability: an experience from Uganda

Submitted by Josephine Namirimu, Mentor for the Girls Education Challenge, a program of Cheshire Services Uganda. This blog is part of UNGEI’s week long blog series titled #SeePossibilty which  focuses on inclusive education.  We all believe that children have the right to safe, …View More  > 

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