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May 1, 2017
Changing the face of STEM from Latin America to NASA – featuring Sandra Cauffman

This podcast interview with  Sandra Cauffman – Deputy Director of Earth Sciences at NASA,  is part of the UN Girls’ Education Initiative’s #STEMtheGap series, promoting and profiling women and girls in STEM globally.   Sandra Cauffman holds a 29 year career with NASA …View More  > 

March 7, 2017
Planning for gender equality in the classroom

Submitted by Nora Fyles Head of Secretariat at the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative, and  Karen Mundy, Chief Technical Officer for the Global Partnership for Education.    GPE and UNGEI introduce a tool that brings a gender lens to education …View More  > 

December 13, 2016
Inclusive education is reuniting families in Moldova

Submitted by Nancy Maguire, Child and Youth Participation Coordinator at Lumos. This blog is part of UNGEI’s week long blog series titled #SeePossibilty which  focuses on inclusive education.    For children with (and without) disabilities school is about far more than getting …View More  > 

August 12, 2016
Five strategies to achieve the 2030 education goals

This blog post is a part of the UNGEI #YouthLeads blog series, running from August 8 – 12. For daily blog notifications follow us on twitter at @UNGEI. Submitted By Alice Saisha – UNGEI Youth Representative. Madame Victoria, a teacher I …View More  > 

June 16, 2014
Day of the African Child: Improving Education with Data

This post originally appeared on the UNICEF blog site on 16 June 2014. Numbers, facts and figures can be daunting. Discuss too much data and people’s eyes are sure to glaze over. But let me assure you, data can make …View More  > 

April 29, 2014
How to Get Girls into Secondary School and Keep Them There

Two new discussion papers by the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative and the Global Partnership for Education By: Koli Banik (GPE) and Nora Fyles (UNGEI) Many government officials in countries all over the world ask, “What works to get and …View More  > 

April 16, 2014
Brain Development in Children: The Impact of Adversity

This post originally appeared on the UNICEF blog site on 15 April 2014. Eighty percent of our brain is developed in the first five years of life – and the pace and complexity of this development is never ever repeated …View More  > 

October 10, 2013
After the Doors are Opened: Why Teachers in Rural Africa are Key to Girls’ Success in School

This story is part of the line-up to commemorate International Day of the Girl Child. By Brooke Hutchinson, Co-Director, Camfed USA Graduating from high school can be an insurmountable challenge for girls in rural areas of Africa. Even when the …View More  > 

September 19, 2013
Are Children Ready to Learn?

This blog originally appeared on the UNICEF East Asia and Pacific blog site on 16 September 2013. By Chemba Raghavan The most critical period in a child’s life is between 0 to 8 years; this is when the child’s brain undergoes …View More  > 

April 22, 2013
Child Friendly School Clubs and the Potential for Gender Equality: Notes from the Field

This blog post originally appeared on the UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Blog site on 22 April 2013. By Chemba Raghavan, Regional Focal Point for the East Asia and Pacific Regional UN Girls’ Education Initiative Last month, Dr. Cliff Meyers (UNICEF’s Regional …View More  > 

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