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October 11, 2013
Girls’ Education in a Changing World: Innovation For Learning

Celebrating the power of girls on the International Day of the Girl Child By Nora Fyles, Head of UNGEI Secretariat Two weeks ago, Mariam Khalique, teacher of Pakistani school girl, Malala Yousafzai, spoke with passion and confidence about the power …View More  > 

March 8, 2013
Getting at the Everyday Reality of Violence in Girls’ Lives

On International Women’s Day: How Do We Get Girls in School Safely? By Nora Fyles Earlier this year, I read an interview with a secondary school girl about her experiences commuting to school in rural Uganda. Her message has stayed …View More  > 

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Birth registration is a child’s passport to public health care, #education & social security #promise4children 8:31 PM Sep 16th
Positive change can only happen when we #ListenToGirls. Read Plan’s striking new #bcimagirl research: 7:01 PM Sep 16th
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“I can’t talk in front of men.” Girls have so much to offer. But they are afraid to speak. #ListenToGirls: #bcimagirl 7:01 PM Sep 15th