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June 16, 2014
Day of the African Child: Improving Education with Data

This post originally appeared on the UNICEF blog site on 16 June 2014. Numbers, facts and figures can be daunting. Discuss too much data and people’s eyes are sure to glaze over. But let me assure you, data can make …View More  > 

March 8, 2014
Why Educating Girls Makes Economic Sense

This post originally appeared on the Global Partnership for Education site on 6 March 2014. We all know that it’s important to educate girls – it is the one consistent determinant of progress for practically every development outcome, from mortality …View More  > 

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We will not see an end to #FGM and #childmarriage until we work together. Join the global movement: #GirlSummit 3:02 PM Jul 22nd
We can #endchildmarriage and female genital mutilation everywhere, forever #GirlSummit 1:02 PM Jul 22nd
Men & boys, women & girls, communities & leaders – ALL have a role to play to #endFGM & #childmarriage #GirlSummit 6:20 AM Jul 22nd
When girls are allowed to be girls, we all do better. #GirlSummit 7:02 PM Jul 21st
“I told my parents I would not get married now; I am too young for that.” #endchildmarriage #GirlSummit 3:02 PM Jul 21st