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May 10, 2014
Global Action Week in the East Asia and Pacific Region

This year’s Global Action Week (GAW) focuses on raising awareness of issues around disability. Under the slogan “Equal Right, Equal Opportunity: Education and Disability”, the East Asia and Pacific Regional (EAP) UNGEI is mobilizing its networks and partners in the region, …View More  > 

March 7, 2014
Women’s Equality Helps Progress Children’s Rights

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Equality for women is progress for all’. I spoke to the UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) East Asia and the Pacific Regional Chair, Chemba Raghavan, and asked her what the theme …View More  > 

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In Uganda 57% of children identified pregnancy as the leading cause of school dropout for girls #InvestInUGchildren http://t.co/8226OKVC6A 3:20 PM Sep 30th
If girls in Uganda completed pri school alone, their additional output over their lifetimes would be = to 13% annual GDP... 1:53 PM Sep 30th
UNGEI joins partners in the Girls CHARGE initiative! http://t.co/nnVHHdOKZF #InvestinGirls #GirlsEducation 1:00 AM Sep 30th
Girls' education, particularly at the secondary level is the 'magic bullet' to drive development #InvestInUGchildren 7:26 PM Sep 29th
Education is a basic human right for all #InvestInUGchildren http://t.co/F7Bcne2dQq 3:01 PM Sep 29th