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September 1, 2011
The Arab Spring and Girl’s Education

By Malak Zaalouk, Professor of Practice, The American University of Cairo Revolution and gender It is no secret that the history of revolutions and liberation movements in the Arab region has manifested double standards with regard to the situation of women. …View More  > 

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Neonatal mortality rates among mothers with no education are nearly twice as high for those with sec schooling and above #promise4children 1:01 PM Sep 17th
Birth registration is a child’s passport to public health care, #education & social security #promise4children 8:31 PM Sep 16th
Positive change can only happen when we #ListenToGirls. Read Plan’s striking new #bcimagirl research: 7:01 PM Sep 16th
I feel that I will be embarrassed by anything I say, so I don't speak at all – Girl, #Egypt #ListenToGirls 3:02 PM Sep 16th
About 120 million girls globally - more than 1 in 10 - have been raped or sexually assaulted by the age of 20, says @UNICEF #ListenToGirls. 1:02 PM Sep 16th